Boaray 1000 Portable Emergency Ventilator

Short Description:

1. Large and medium hospitals in China

2. Foreign hospitals

3. Best emergency ventilator

4. Emergency department, first aid center 120, first aid vehicle, ICU respiratory department and related departments, in-hospital transport, out-of-hospital transport, field field emergency, etc

Product Detail

Product Tags

Target market

Emergency department, first aid center, first aid vehicle, in-hospital transport between ICU and related departments, out-of-hospital transport, wild field, etc.

Operation Interface

Boaray 1000 Portable Emergency Ventilator (4)

Color LCD color screen
One-step setting, quick operation
Convenient operation
Easy rescue
First aid, a race against time

Powerful Functions

Boaray 1000 Portable Emergency Ventilator (3)

Various ventilation modes: A/C (V), A/C (P), SIMV (V)+PS, SIMV (P)+PS, SPONT/CPAP, MANUAL, SIGH
Apnea ventilation
Electronic PEEP
Respiration valve can be disinfected at high temperature
ICU Class Portable Ventilator with Pressure Mode

Full Monitoring Parameters

Boaray 1000 Portable Emergency Ventilator (2)

Waveform (P-T、F-T、V-T), loop (P-V、P-F、F-V) , and large font display interface, which can be flexibly switched.
>10 Key monitoring parameters: Vt, Ppeak, I:E, etc.
It may be the most complete high-end portable ventilator with the monitoring functions of waveform, loop and parameters that you have ever seen.

Intelligent Alarm Function

Boaray 1000 Portable Emergency Ventilator (1)

Classified audible, visual and color alarm mechanism
According to the needs of patient monitoring and protection, the alarm range can be set via alarm setting function.
Such as upper and lower limit alarm of airway pressure and MVe.

Adaptive to Multi-Scene Rescue

The main engine is less than 4kg, and the total weight is only 8kg (including all accessories such as batteries, rubes, adapters, oxygen cylinders, oxygen supports and backpacks).
Portable backpack, and 2L oxygen cylinders available.
Available for rescue and transfer in severe weather/environment such as low temperature and heavy rain.
Ac-dc electricity with large capacity battery which supports outdoor use.
Adaptive for adults and pdiatric.

5 Advantages of Boaray 1000

1st Advantage: Safety, accuracy and stability
1.Proportional valve: Original imported proportional valve
2.Sensor: Original imported flow sensor and pressure sensor
2nd Advantage: Full ventilatioin modes and functions
1. Auxiliary/controlled ventilation under volume control - A/C(V)
2. Auxiliary/controlled ventilation under pressure control - A/C(P)
3. Volume-controlled synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation - SIMV(V)+PS
4. Pressure controlled synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation - SIMV(P)+PS
5. Spontaneous breathing - SPONT/CPAP
3th Advantage: Powerful monitoring and OSD (on screen display)
3 Waveforms: all 3 waveforms of F-T (flow-time), P-T (pressure-time), V-T (volume-time)
2 Loops: 2 loops of P-V (pressure-Vt), P-F (pressure-flow), F-V (flow-Vt)
Monitoring parameters: >10 Key monitoring parameters: Vt, Ppeak, I:E, etc.
4th Advantage: User-oriented design
1. Fast setting - easy operation
2. Clear observation - large screen
3. Light and portable - easy to carry
5th Advantage: advanced technology and design
1. World-class algorithms: ICU ventilator-level algorithms
2. Outcome of international cooperation: OEM and technology export for international brands
3. Advanced design concept: Electronic PEEP, PCV mode, multiple safety guarantee mechanism

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