Transport Emergency ICU ventilator with CE MDL TGA medical breathing support respiratory machine

Short Description:

A Comprehensive Ventilator that fits for Emergency and Transport Environment.

1. Main Un it 、Ve n t ila t io n  Ho se、Pa t ie n t  Va l ve 、Ma sk
2. Wild rescue, vehicle transport, long-distance transport, hospital transport.
3. Portable with weight 3.4 kg:
4. 7″ color touch screen for easy operation:
5. Tidal volume range: 50- 2500ml:
7. SmartCPR mode compatible with AHA guideline:
8.Working modes: IPPV 、A / C 、V - SIM V、P C V、P- A / C、P- SIM V、 CPAP 、HFNC ;
9. Other f u n ct io n:Ma nu a l 、C PR 、EtC0 2;
10. Internal PEEP valve:
11.Fi02: 40% or 100%;
12.Rechargeable Li-ion battery with 5 hours working time

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Parameters

cp610 (11)

Control Parameters


Model: T5

 Respiratory Frequency



 Inspiration/Expiration Ratio  9:1~1:9
 Tidal Volume  50~2500mL
 Oxygen Concentration  40%,100%
 Suction Pressure  5~60 cm H2O
 Limited Airway Pressure  15~70 cm H2O
 Trigger Pressure  -20~20 cm H2O
 CPAP/PEEP  0~30 cm H2O
 Pressure Support  0~35 cm H2O
 Pause Time Ratio  0~80%
 Pressure Increase Time  Slow/Normal/Fast

Details of the Emergency ICU ventilator

Breathing Machine Ventilator
cp610 (9)
Air Recuperator ventilator
ICU Breathing Ventilator

Touchscreen & Easy to install

cp610 (1)


-- 7"color touchscreen;

-- Simple Operation,Clarity and Intuitive User Navigation.


Easy to install

-- Easy to mount main unit, O2 cylinder, accessory bag to portable bracket, convenient to use. 

-- Water-resistant accessory bag can accommodate respiratory hose, mask and other accossories.

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