Using Scientific and Technological Research and Development Capabilities to Help Fight the epidemic .

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, science and technology enterprises in TEDA have stepped up production and R&D to support epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, and use scientific and technological research and product strength to help to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.

A few days ago, MedOranger Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., a medical technology company in Tianjin Development Zone, donated the company’s newly developed products-mobile multi-parameter monitors and 200 remote pulse oximeters to the Binhai New Area Charity Association for the Centralized isolation point on Seven Avenues in the Development Zone.

This mobile multi-parameter monitor can monitor multiple important physiological parameters such as frontal temperature, blood oxygen, and heart rate at the same time. The instrument can be operated by the subject itself, and the data can be synchronized to the medical staff in real time. It plays an important role in the centralized isolation point. It realizes in-person, non-contact detection, which not only ensures the objective truth of the data, but also reduces the risk of cross-infection. It can also improve the prevention and control efficiency of medical staff at the isolation point.
As early as January 26, the company have been donated 2,000 remote pulse oximeters to the designated hospitals of the Wuhan Municipal Government. With the deepening of the epidemic prevention and control work, the company has developed a “multi-bed hypoxemia remote monitoring application program” for the cabin hospital. On February 26, the Wuhan Wuchang (Hongshan Gymnasium) Fangcang shelter hospital was in short supply of medical resources. In this case, the use of portable monitoring equipment + smart cloud platform improves the diagnostic efficiency of medical staff and reduces the risk of cross-infection.
Recently, the disinfection “little artifact” developed and produced by Tianjin Zero2IPO Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has become popular. This technologically innovative solid air disinfection product that helps epidemic prevention and control subverts traditional disinfection methods. According to reports, compared with ordinary liquid chlorine dioxide disinfectants, the disinfectant gel slows the release of chlorine dioxide gas through the nanoporous structure, so as to achieve long-term continuous disinfection, without disinfection dead corners, and non-toxic and harmless. At present, the product has passed the “EU CE certification” and has been exported to more than ten countries, contributing “Chinese power” to the global war against the “epidemic”.

Post time: Mar-20-2021