Medical Equipment Portable Pulmonary Function Meter Spirometer LA104

Short Description:

1.Dual-core processor, entire system runs smoothly at a high speed.

2.Dual printing mode. Thermal printer and external A4 printer can print real-time test report

3.Large storage with capacity of more than 80,000 test data

4.Support data communication with PC

5.8.4 inch high resolution and 360 anti-glare capacitive touch screen.

6.Built-in battery with super long standby up to more than 8 hours.

7.Test results accuracy conforms to ATS/ ERS standards

8.Standardized prediction values for different ethnic groups and lung age judgment.

9.Built-in bronchial dilation and provocation test modules

10.Vivid stimulation animation to improve test cooperation.

11.High precision differential pressure flow sensor combines with high efficiency filter can avoid cross contamination and give effective protection

12.More than 100 tests, fully meet the daily requirements and academic research requirements.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Standard Configuration

No Configuration
1 Spirometer machine
2 Handle
3 Handle support
4 Flow sensor
5 Filter
6 Nose clip
7 Power adapter
8 Power cord
9 Print paper
10 Spirometer User Manual
11 Warranty card

Product Introduction


COPD patients or borderline patients. PFT can detect COPD 5-10 years earlier than other methods such as radiology, blood gas analysis and so on
Patients with bronchial asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis and pneumoconiosis or tuberculosis, require diagnosis and efficacy evaluation.
Patients with chronic cough
Patients with dyspnea or chest tightness
Long-term smoking or passive smokers.
People under a polluted environment (such as living or working in a dusty environment).
Patients require general anesthesia surgery, chest surgery and other surgeries (50 years above).
Patients with symptoms such as cough or phlegm.
Physical examination (PFT has already been listed in the regular physical examination items).
Management of patients with bronchiectasis treatment.
For damage determination and compensation inspection.

Optional Configuration

Bronchial provocation test mode
External A4 printer connection mode
Calibration syringe

Main Structures

Pulmonary function test is one of the necessary tests for respiratory diseases. It has important guiding significance for the early detection of lung and airway disease, assessment of the severity of the disease, identification of the cause of dyspnea, and diagnosis of lesions.

Precautions for lung function test are as below:
1.The nose cannot breathe during the inspection, and the mouth should be used for breathing instead.
2.Ensure that there is no air leakage during the inspection.
The examination must be carried out in accordance with the doctor’s request, so that the examination result is more accurate.

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