High Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy Device HFNC Machine

Short Description:

This product is suitable for patients with spontaneous breathing. It can effectively treat patients by providing a certain flow rate and humidified respiratory airflow. These treatments include humification, oxygen therapy, endotracheal intubation, and tracheotomy. This product can be used in hospitals, long-term care institutions (such as community hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)and home. This product cannot be used for life support.

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Products introduction:

NeoHiF Series provide effective respiratory treatment for patients by high flow & exact humidification with warm Air-02 mixture.Offering accurate oxygen concentration, which rapidly improves patients oxygen level, remain the normal operation of airway mucociliary hair.

Advantages of the HFNC Machine:

• Higher flow range
• Wider dew-point temperature regulation
• Unique intelligent voice alarm
• Oxygen sensor
• SpO2 module (optional)
• Nurse call
• PM2.5 filter

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Products parameter:

Place of Origin China
Model Number HiF-i7
Type Speech, Audio & Visual
Instrument classification Class II
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Online technical support
Function Therapy
Color White
Certificate CE ISO
Application Hospital,Community Health Centers,Sanatoriums
Packing Carton Box
Size Small
Used Mobile Device
Power Supply 50Hz
System Warm Water System
Supply Ability 400 Carton/Cartons per Day
i7hfnvmachine (1)

Technical Specification:

Name Configuration technical parameter Machine characteristics
NeoHiF-i7 Basic configuration
 Water tank
 Heating tube
 Nasal catheter
 Oxygen sensor
 PM2.5 filter
 One instruction manual

Optional accessories:
 Blood oxygen

Host part:
 Scope of application: adults, children
 Treatment: high flow mode, low flow mode
 Setting method: touch button and knob
 Display mode: LCD display
 USB interface
 Nurse call interface
parameter settings:
 Flow range: 2 ~ 80L / min
 Dew point temperature range: continuously adjustable from 29 ° C to 37 ° C
 Oxygen concentration: 21% -100%, automatic adjustment
 Smart Voice
Monitoring parameters:
 Temperature, flow, oxygen concentration, respiratory rate
 Trend chart: 1, 3, 7-day trend review
 Blood oxygen (optional)
 Pulse rate (optional)
 Simple setting, only 3 parameters
 Humidification tank automatically adds water, supplemented by voice alarm system prompts, can be treated with peace of mind, without having to pay attention to the working conditions of the equipment at any time
 As high as 80L / min, it can effectively wash away the dead space in the nasopharynx, avoiding patients inhaling unhumidified air, and the treatment effect is guaranteed
 For patients with heat intolerance, the lowest adjustable starting temperature is 29 ℃, which is applicable to a wider range of people
 Built-in intelligent humidity control component to effectively avoid condensation of water vapor in the pipeline
 Equipped with high-precision proportional valve and automatic oxygen concentration control technology to precisely control the oxygen concentration output
 Optional blood oxygen module and nurse call port, closer to the actual clinical needs of medical institutions
 With the reminder of expiry of consumables time, the human-computer interaction is more friendly
 The air connection elbow is removable and can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure to effectively avoid cross infection in the hospital

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