Emergency Non-invasive & Invasive ICU Transport Ventilator with CE MDL TGA Medical Breathing Support Respiratory Machine

Short Description:

Short Introduction of the Emergency Ventilator:

Elegant and portable design
7’’ color touch screen with screen lock
Real-time display of 4 waveforms and 3 loops
Tidal Volume range: 20-2500ml, I:E ratio 1:59 to 99:1
17 ventilation modes: V-AC, V-SIMV, PRVC, PRVC+, P-AC, P-SIMV, PCV, CPAP, CPAP+, BiPPV, BiPPV+, APRV, APRV+, CPR, RSA, HFNC
CPR mode according to AHA guideline
2 trigger way: pressure and flow
O2 concentration adjustment from 40% to 100%
Internal PEEP valve
Audible and visual alarm for multi-parameters
Optional Mainstream EtCO2 with Respironics technology
Rechargeable Li=ion battery with 5 hours working time
IPX4 waterproof

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Parameters


Products Monitoring Parameters:

Monitoring Parameters Model
Respiratory frequency Obpm~ 120bpm
士1Bpm or 士5%
Tidal volume 20mL~2500mL
土 15mlor 土 15%
Minute ventilation OL/min~ 120L/m1n
土0.5L/min or士15%
Oxygen concentration 40% ~ 100% , 21%~100% option
Airway Pressure -20cmH20~ 100cmH20
土2cmH20 or土10%
Et-CO OmmHg-150mmHg(0-40 mmHg)士2mmHg
(41-70 mmHg)士5%; (71-100 mmHg)士8%(101-150 mmHg)士10%
Wave display Display pressure time waveform
Display flow time waveform
Display volumetric time waveform
Ring diagram display Display pressure volume ring diagram
Display flow volume ring diagram
Display flow pressure ring diagram

More Details of the Ventlators:

Icu Ventilator for Sale
Transport Ventilator


1.Emergency care
2.intra-hospital and out-of-hospital transport
3.intensive care units

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