Boaray 5000D High-End Ventilator

Short Description:

1.20ml minimum Vt which is adaptive to all patients from infants to adults.

2.Full ventilation modes which are available for all clinical departments including respiratory, ICU, etc.

3.Special VCV/PCV function (Flow Support Function)

4.Core components from world famous brands (same suppliers as top ventilator manufacturers – high precision, stability and safety).

5.Spontaneous breathing monitoring (weaning software), related compensation.

6.User-friendly interface, full monitoring and intelligent alarm.

7.15″ Color touch screen: easier operation, more monitoring parameters.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Full Ventilation Modes

Ventilation modes:
VCV(Volume Controlled Ventilation)
PCV(Pressure Controlled Ventilation)
(volume controlled synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation supported with pressure control)
(pressure controlled synchronized intermittent mandatory ventilation supported with volume control)
In VCV mode, Vt can be set as low as 20ml
Demand from all critical patients (adults and pediatrics) can be met.

Ventilation mode is selected with one key, and the corresponding parameters can be set in the same page.
Mechanical ventilation & spontaneous breathing together constitute the MV.
Pressure supported Pinsp, i.e. SIMV+VCV+PSV / SIMV+PCV+PSV.

It combines both the advantages of PCV and the SPONT feature of CPAP.
SPONT is available both in the high pressure phase and low pressure phase.
PSV works both in the high pressure phase and low pressure phase.

Flow Support - Unique VCV

It can accurately achieve required volume.
Minimum Vt can be set to 20ml.
The flow waveform can be square wave or decelerating wave.
Active vent valve: 5MS high-speed response.
Flow and pressure trigger (sensitivity adjustable).
A/C (auxiliary/volume control) function that allows or encourages triggering.

User-friendly Interface

15" large color touch screen
Real-time display of monitoring parameters
Parameter Settings
Dynamic waveform
Pulmonary function loop
Large font for remote viewing
It can be observed from 3M away and from multiple angles, which is suitable for various clinical environments.

Accurate ventilation control and advanced monitoring technology

Closed-loop control system
Real-time dynamic compensation
Leakage compensation
Fresh gas flow compensation
Intelligent electronic PEEP
Active vent valve
Enabling HTHP disinfection
Reducing the possibility of cross infection

Core Components from top suppliers around the world

Pressure, flow rate and volume: 3 elements of fluid mechanicsSafety, stability and precision: 3 elements of product quality
Proportional valve and sensor to anesthesia machine is what engine and monitoring system to car, and what CPU to computer.

Accurate ventilation control - dual monitoring of expiration and inspiration

Unique sensor technology
Expiration and inspiration are both under monitoring
Ensure the accuracy of Vt monitoring

Perfect Monitoring Function

Monitoring over 20 respiratory parameters: airway resistance, compliance, PEEP, I:E, etc.
Original imported CO2 and SPO2 monitoring function.
4 Waveforms OSD: Pressure-Time, Flow -Time, Volume-Time, CO2 - Time, SPO2 - Time.
4 Loops to select: Volume - Pressure, Flow - Volume, Flow - Pressure, Volume - CO2.
Trend charts of 6 parameters display in the same time.
Data of 1-24 hours can be stored and observed.

Intelligent Alarm Function

3 Levels of Intelligent Alarm
Tone: < 100 seconds, you can press the alarm mute button
Color: yellow, red
Text: alarm information
Alarm setting: Select the parameters to be set and set upper and lower limits by touching screen or flying shuttle.

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