About Us

Founded in 2014, Orange Family Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is deeply involved in chronic disease health management and preventive medicine and do have our oversea brand—MEDORANGER. The company provides service based on health big data and the "portable medical device + remote cloud platform", realizes online and offline linkage, supports the industry solution scenarios with portable medical technology and finally forms the ecological closed-loop service of digital medical healthcare management. Orange Family is committed to promoting the familyization and popularization of chronic disease health management, has obtained more than 60 software copyrights and patents and become a high-tech enterprise in Tianjin and China.

Corporate Culture

  • Love the way
    Business attitude concept
  • Create for health needs
    Market strategy
  • Make every employee realize value
    Management system concept
  • We pursue the harmony of life
    Social concept

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Development History

  • 2014
    Orange Family company was registered and established, and released the first domestic medical-grade wearable device - snoring monitor wrist watch CMS50F.
    The Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang visited the Internet Venture Cafe where the company is located, and fully affirmed company's innovative products and concepts, and encouraged the company to combine the innovation, entrepreneurship and creation together.
    Orange Family Company is favored by Honghui Capital, a professional investment fund in the medical and health industry, and has received US$5 million in Series A investment, taking this opportunity to deepen in the mobile medical industry.
    In the Dark Horse Competition, China's largest selection of innovative growth companies in investment and financing, Orange Family won the top 50 of the year.
  • 2015
    Orange Family was ranked among the top 10 in the 4th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and won the Outstanding Enterprise Award in the finals.
  • 2016
    As the only representative company in Tianjin, Oranger Family is selected as one of the top 100 innovative companies in IDC China's "Internet +" industry.
    Following the certification of "Tianjin High-tech Enterprise", Oranger Family was obtained as a "National High-tech Enterprise".
  • 2017
    Reached a strategic cooperation with Philips, a leading global ventilator brand.
    Completed a Series B financing of RMB 70 million.
    Established the country's first "remote chronic respiratory disease management center".
    Selected by Hurun Report-"China's Top 100 Rising Star Enterprises with Most Investment Value".
    Philips has invested in the Oranger Family,starting the management of chronic sleep apnea and arranging ecosystem for a personal health.
  • 2018
    Orange Family received tens of millions of RMB in Series B+ financing, led by Philips, followed by Chongshan Capital.
    Relying on its leading position in the industry and outstanding innovation capabilities, Oranger Family was awarded the title of " Top 50 of TEDA Technology in Tianjin Development Zone in 2017".
    Orange Family helped complete the national graded diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and standardized promotion in the first phase of the "Happy Breathing" project, providing more than 1,800 medical institutions with standardized programs for lung function testing and standardized training.
    Focusing on sleep breathing and building brand power, Oranger Family won the Top 100 Industry Most Watched Brand Award of Arterial Network's Future Medical in 2018.
  • 2019
    Gazelle Enterprise of Science and Technology in Tianjin and Development Zone in 2019.
    Recognized as a technologically leading enterprise in Tianjin.
    Won the TOP100 of China's Innovative Device List in Arterial Network's Future Medical in 2019.